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what is affiliate marketing ? How to start affiliate marketing?

what is affiliate marketing

what is affiliate marketing ?

what is affiliate marketing ? Affiliate marketing is a marketing where you advertise and promote other companies’ products and items. When someone purchases something from that particular affiliate link then the company who is promoting the product get commission over it. In another word we can say that as a affiliate marketer we are the salesman of that company.

     It can be said that affiliate marketing is the best marketing because there are so many companies comes under  the affiliate marketer to promote themselves and  then ultimately affiliate marketer got commission for every product from different different companies.

     Affiliate marketing works in this way- the dealer provides each affiliates a unique link so they can check  that who  is selling the products. when the purchaser click that link, a small file called cookies get stored in their device.

     Their are benefits of cookies to the affiliate marketers:- it helps the dealer to go back to the same person who was searching for the product through cookies to remind them for buying that particular product. Secondly, every cookies have some particular expiry date so when you change your mind to buy that product altogether with cookies got expired and you bought another product but still the affiliate marketer will get commission for that product.  

how to start affiliate marketing ?

   These are the main steps to start for affiliate marketing :-

Create a platform Firstly for the affiliate marketing you have to promote yourself to gain the attention of the user and then only you can promote another companies’ product to get the commission over it. You have to design your platform in such a way that the producer will choose for buying the product from you. In another word you have to engage the customer or purchaser from your solid content. You have to create the content by keeping your audience need in your mind then only the purchaser will come to you.

Always keep eye on profit and success – As an affiliate marketer you always have to keep track of your profit and success. Because sometime the situation come where you fail to impress your customers and this ultimately effects the profit. so as a marketer you have to check that where you are lacking and why the customers not coming to your platform. So basically you have to tackle every problem.

know about every product that you want to sell and about the product that you are already selling:- you must have knowledge about whatever product you want to sell in future and have to check whether it will give you profit or not altogether with this you must have information about the product you are already selling because this extra knowledge will help you to tackle the solution regarding selling of the product or promotion of the product.

Always connect to the customers:- if you are doing normal  marketing(market place) in marketing you must have knowledge about the need of your customer, that what your customer need and if you digitally promoting through blogging the make a comment box for the customer ask their need, clear their doubt, ask the suggestion from them. Ultimately this communication factor will increase the customer.

Choose one niche affiliate business:- if you want success in affiliate market always choose one niche. Concentrate on limited product that basically your customer want.

Sometime try to use the other method for promotion of the product :- As our country is developing there so many new methods and techniques are arising daily for promoting the brands or product. so always go with the latest approach.

Give full dedication and time:-Affiliate marketing need full time, concentration, knowledge and dedication.

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